2015 Year In Review

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  • January 11: OCA-GLA Board Retreat and Meeting
  • January 23: Meet and Greet with California Senate Pro Tem Kevin De Leon
  • January 24-25: OCA National Board Meeting (Las Vegas, NV)
  • January 29: APCF Affiliate Agencies Meeting



  • February 3: BFF: Bully-Free Forum Community Roundtable Discussion
  • February 4: A3PCON Board Meeting
  • February 7: APIA-U Leadership Training at UCLA
  • February 11: BFF: Bully-Free Forum Youth Focus Group Discussion at Arcadia High School
  • February 15: San Gabriel Lunar New Year Festival
  • February 21: 116th Annual Golden Dragon Parade & Chinese New Year Festival (March with API Equality-LA)
  • February 25: OCA-GLA Board Meeting
  • February 26: ChangeLA: Jewish Federation ChangeMaker Community Engagement Council Event
  • February 28-March 1: L.A. Chinatown Firecracker 5/10K Run/Walk & Bike Ride



  • March 7: 2015 Chinese American Museum Lantern Festival
  • March 7: APA-Y Leadership Training at Long Beach Poly High
  • March 14: A*POP Party and Fundraiser
  • March 21-24: OCA/JACL Leadership Summit
  • March 25: OCA-GLA Board Meeting



  • April 2: Headshots: A Picture-Perfect Mixer at Wolf & Crane
  • April 15: OCA-GLA Board Meeting
  • April 18-19: OCA National Board Meeting (Detroit, MI)
  • April 26: Co-sponsored “Forbidden City, USA” Film Screening at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival
  • April 27: Co-sponsored “Broken Blossoms” Play Reading at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival



  • May 8: City of LA Asian and Pacific Islander American Heritage Month
  • May 12: 3rd Annual InQUIZitive Minds: APA Trivia Night at Chinese American Museum
  • May 13: Co-sponsored “The Curse of Quon Gwon” Film Screening for the “Big Trouble in Little Tokyo” screening series
  • May 18: Co-sponsored Asian Pacific American Bar Association of Los Angeles County’s APA Heritage Month Event “Policing Communities of Color: Where Do Asian Americans Stand”
  • May 20: OCA-GLA Board Meeting
  • May 21: APCF Affiliate Agencies Meeting
  • May 22: Community Roundtable with California State Controller Betty Yee
  • May 28: Co-sponsored “The Changing LAndscape of the U.S.: 50 Years Since the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act” at the Chinese American Museum



  • June 3: APCF Gala
  • June 9: Co-sponsored Talkback Tuesday for “Waterfall” at the Pasadena Playhouse
  • June 15: CTO Summer Internship Applications Due
  • June 17: OCA-GLA Board Meeting
  • June 19: A3PCON Meet-and-Greet with Congressman Ted Lieu
  • June 27: Co-sponsored Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Los Angeles’ 3rd Annual Pan-Asian Citizenship Workshop at the Los Angeles Central Library
  • June 27: Co-sponsored Kollaboration Los Angeles Showcase at the Los Angeles Theatre Center



  • July 2-5: OCA National Convention, San Francisco, CA
  • July 6: CTO Summer Internship Begins
  • July 10: Co-sponsored Asian Pacific American Bar Association of Los Angeles County’s Nepal Fundraiser/Mixer at Mad Ave LA
  • July 14: API Equality-LA General Coalition Meeting
  • July 15: OCA-GLA Board Meeting
  • July 17-18: Co-sponsored the 2015 Monterey Park Night Market at Barnes Park
  • July 19: Co-sponsored API Equality-LA’s Rally Against Homophobia in San Gabriel Valley
  • July 24: API Community Nonprofit Mixer at the Pacific Islander Ethnic Art Museum
  • July 25: Co-sponsored Project by Project Los Angeles’ Plate by Plate Annual Tasting Benefit at the California Market Center
  • July 30: APALS 17th Annual Intern Reception at the Columbia Memorial Space Center



  • August 3: Co-sponsored Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Los Angeles’ “Reimagining Voting Rights in a New Era of Racial Justice & Immigrant Rights”
  • August 11: Co-sponsored KCCD’s Days of Dialogue on the Future of Policing in Los Angeles – API Perspectives
  • August 13: Co-Sponsored Asian American Professional Network’s Summer Mixer at Spirit House
  • August 24: AANHPI Roundtable with LA City Councilmember David Ryu
  • August 26: OCA-GLA Board Meeting
  • August 27: CTO Interns’ Media Representation Workshop – “When Will My Reflection Show: Asian American Activism and Combating Media Stereotypes”
  • August 27-30: Co-sponsored The Comedy Comedy Festival
  • August 28: CTO Summer Internship Ends
  • August 29: Co-sponsored Kollaboration’s EMPOWER Leadership Conference
  • August 30: Annual Summer Picnic with Families with Children from China (FCC) and Asian Youth Center (AYC)



  • September 10: CTO Interns Appreciation Dinner
  • September 13: LA18 Harvest Moon Festival
  • September 20: Image Awards Wrap Party
  • September 23: OCA-GLA Board Meeting



  • October 9: OCA-GLA’s 24th Annual Image Awards
  • October 16-18: OCA Corporate Achievement Awards and National Board Meeting (Washington, D.C.)
  • October 28: OCA-GLA Board Meeting



  • November 13: Membership Mixer at Kristina Wong: The Wong Street Journal at the REDCAT
  • November 14: Co-sponsored Kollaboration’s Kollaboration Star
  • November 18: OCA-GLA Membership Mixer at Izakaya & BAR Fu-ga
  • November 21: OCA APA-Y Advocate Training at the Japanese American National Museum
  • November 21: White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders: #ActToChange Live Event – Los Angeles
  • Board Elections



  • December 3: Co-sponsored 16th Annual APA Community Holiday Toy Drive
  • December 5: Membership Mixer at “Chinglish” at East West Players
  • December 5: B3 (Build, Breakthrough, and Believe) in Orange County
  • December 16: OCA-GLA Board Meeting