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2016 Business Leadership Honoree: AFC Soy Foods


AFC Soy Foods, Inc. has been manufacturing products such as tofu, soy noodles, and soy puddings in the Los Angeles area since 1975.  With a portfolio of nearly one hundred unique soy products, you’ll be able to find their brand in most nationwide Asian grocery chains and locally-owned markets across the United States.  Over the past forty years, AFC has become known for a lot more than just its high quality tofu; it has truly become the one stop soy shop and continues to be one of the largest American soy manufacturers in the Western United States.

The demand for AFC’s quality products has grown well beyond the grocery store shelves.  It has gained them a loyal following from mainstream and Asian restaurants alike.  Their diverse customers include nationally recognized chains such as P.F. Chang’s, Pick-Up Stix, and Yard House as well as local mom and pop tea houses, dim sum and seafood restaurants.  A further testament to their quality, retail markets and food companies regularly request AFC to manufacture in-store or private brands.  In fact, private labeling for nationally-recognized brands while frequently collaborating with other businesses to customize one-of-a-kind soy or vegan foods catered to different specifications is another business aspect that the company specializes in; a process known as custom manufacturing.

In light of their expanding business, AFC continues their stride to be a community-conscious business leader.  As a part of their commitment to socially-responsible business practices, they actively donate food products to non-profits, schools and other organizations in need.  They have previously partnered with APEC, AYC, OCA-GLA, PbP-LA, Visual Communications, Yelp and many other local organizations in its efforts to give back to the community.  The company is always looking to form new partnerships with organizations who meet their core criteria of promoting social responsibility, family values, and living a healthy lifestyle.

For tonight’s dinner menu, please enjoy entrée dishes prepared with AFC tofu and soy sheets.  Please also stop by their table for complimentary soy pudding and don’t forget to take some home with you!  AFC products contain no preservatives and are made exclusively with Non-Genetically Modified Organism (also known as Non-GMO) soy beans and go through rigorous quality assurance testing.  You’ll only find all natural ingredients in AFC products because good health starts with good food.  AFC looks forward to serving you the highest quality soy products for many years to come.

Please visit www.afcsoyfoods.com or follow @afcsoyfoods to find out where AFC will be next.

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