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2016 Community Spirit Honoree: Thai Community Development Center









Thai Development Community Center

SERVICE AREA Greater Los Angeles area but particularly where there are large concentrations of Thais; however, being the only Thai organization in the country engaged in comprehensive community development that includes social services and human rights advocacy, our reach is also both national and transnational.


PRIMARY PROGRAMS AND SERVICES Community Asset Building, Human Rights Advocacy, Healthy Communities and Community Empowerment, Cultural Tourism & Placemaking


Founded in 1994, the Thai Community Development Center (Thai CDC) aims to fulfill its mission of advancing the social and economic well-being of low and moderate income Thais and other ethnic communities in the greater Los Angeles area through a comprehensive community development strategy that includes human rights advocacy, affordable housing, access to healthcare, promotion of small businesses, neighborhood empowerment, and social enterprises.

Our organization has over a two decade long history of effectively bringing economic resources to low-income communities. We believe that community development is key to economic mobility for the poor. We are most notably known for providing culturally sensitive social and legal services, revitalizing a neglected neighborhood through cultural tourism by winning the designation of Thai Town, developing over a hundred units of affordable housing, starting and developing hundreds of Thai-owned businesses, retaining and creating thousands of jobs, and aiding hundreds of the most vulnerable namely Thai trafficked victims and winning millions in redress and restitution.


COMMUNITY ASSET BUILDING which promotes economic stability through our financial literacy, entrepreneurship training, small business development, job creation, social enterprises, business incubation, micro-enterprise opportunities, affordable

housing development, foreclosure prevention, and housing counseling

HUMAN RIGHTS ADVOCACY which through our legal and anti- human trafficking services aims to empower and improve working conditions for low-income and exploited workers, especially those working in inhumane conditions and which through our immigration services, protect the rights of immigrants

HEALTHY COMMUNITIES AND COMMUNITY EMPOWERMENT which promotes improved individual and community health through quality healthcare access, food security, comprehensive social services, and sexual assault and domestic violence prevention, and enables community empowerment through our efforts in equitable development around transit, sustainable development, political empowerment, voter education, civic engagement, and leadership

CULTURAL TOURISM & PLACEMAKING which aims to revitalize public space through our reinvestment, community beautification, and place making projects and utilizes cultural tourism and heritage marketing activities as a vehicle for economic development such as our Thai Town development and promotion, cultural festivals, beautification projects, neighborhood clean ups, and tree planting

Thai CDC will open its first social enterprise, the Thai Town Marketplace in 2016.


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