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OCA-GLA is able to provide a critical bridge to the largely immigrant Asian population by mobilizing second- and third- generation Asian Pacific Americans.

OCA-GLA’s organizing strategy relies on:

1) Engaging and encouraging members to participate in OCA-GLA programs and other local community projects;

2) Outreaching and raising awareness of issues that directly affect the APA community through workshops, discussion forums, and other educational events; and

3) Regularly communicating with community members and stakeholders via email distribution and social media campaigns.

To achieve and further our mission to advance the well-being of APAs, OCA-GLA’s priorities for the upcoming year are:

  • Advocacy: Immigration reform is a high priority for the Asian Pacific American community and OCA-GLA is dedicated to the issue in a variety of ways. From offering qualified residents the opportunity to naturalize and become citizens through our Mentored Path to Citizenship Grant to encouraging members to support federal legislative efforts for reform, OCA-GLA will be making concerted efforts to raise awareness for the challenges that all immigrant communities face.
  • Cross-Cultural Programming: Encourage awareness of the Asian Pacific American community through cultural and educational activities designed to promote deeper appreciation for the history and culture of all APA communities.
  • Leadership Development: Sponsor college interns at the OCA-GLA downtown Los Angeles office to expose future community leaders to program development, advocacy, research, and professional growth opportunities.
  • Youth Engagement: Organize career panels at local high schools with large immigrant and APA populations with speakers from various professions to expose students to careers for which access, information, and social networks are limited.