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As an advocacy organization committed to advancing the social, political, and economic well-being of Asian Pacific Americans, it is imperative that OCA-GLA increase the capacity and number of knowledgeable advocates in the community. There is a current dearth of candidates for leadership positions across all sectors who are prepared to work with stakeholders outside of their industries to create innovative solutions that address issues that APAs are challenged by. Despite having a high percentage of college graduates and professionals with graduate degrees, APAs are still struggling to gain executive leadership positions in private corporations, nonprofit organizations, and in political or appointed office. By creating a fellowship program that trains professionals working in all three sectors to work collaboratively, OCA-GLA hopes to develop a generation of CEOs, Executive Directors, and elected or appointed officials whose baseline values are intentional, collaborative across all three sectors, and furthers the APA community by breaking bamboo ceilings and ensuring a leadership pipeline. The fellowship program will provide participants with extensive knowledge of issues affecting the APA community and training that will enhance management and communication effectiveness. By training a minimum of 15 Advocates every year, OCA-GLA hopes to develop 75-100 community leaders within five years, creating a strong foundation for strengthening advocacy efforts in local communities across the Greater Los Angeles region.

The fellowship program will consist of 15 Advocates selected from a pool of candidates nominated by community and business leaders. The program will consist of five Advocates from each of the sectors: nonprofit, government, and private business. This will ensure that participants will contribute to one another’s experience of the program and create a well-rounded perspective on how issues affect sectors outside of their own.

Methodology:  OCA-GLA will build extensive relationships with elected, community, and business leaders to identify high potential candidates for the program.  Consistent evaluation processes will be enforced for each trainer, speaker, and session of the program.  Feedback will be integrated into subsequent training sessions.

Success will be measured by number of candidates who complete the program and return to invest their time in building OCA-GLA’s broader advocacy efforts on immigration, civil rights, and education.  Alumni of the program will be asked to contribute to the program by returning as trainers, speakers, and OCA-GLA board members.