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Prominent APA Women in the 1950s

Anna May Wong is considered the first Chinese-American movie star. She traversed silent film, sound film, television, stage, and radio. Her TV Show “The Gallery of Madame Liu-Tsong” was the first U.S. television show starring an Asian American lead.

Joyce Chen 
was a Chinese-American chef who popularized northern-style Chinese cuisine, from Peking Duck, Moo Shu Pork, Scallion Pancake, and Hot and Sour Soup in the U.S. She opened several restaurants in the United States and starred in her own cooking show. Through her cooking, she promoted healthy eating by making healthy lower fat dishes with more vegetables than the norm at the time. Later in life, she patented the flat bottom wok called the Peking Wok and pioneered the sale of bottled Chinese sauces.

Jade Snow Wong was a Chinese American ceramic artist and author. In her autobiographical novel “Fifth Chinese Daughter”, she describes her troubles balancing her identity as an Asian American woman and her Chinese Traditions. Her pottery has been displayed around the world, such as the M.H. de Young Memorial Museum in San Francisco, Art Institute of Chicago, Museum of Modern Art in New York City, International Ceramic Museum in Italy.

Noriko Sawada Bridges Flynn was a Japanese American writer and civil rights activist who helped to overturn a law in Nevada barring mixed-race marriages. She worked for union rights, fair treatments of immigrants, as well as racial and sexual equality.

Sugar Pie DeSanto was a Filipino-African-American R&B singer, whose songs have Her first hit record “I Want to Know” rose to Number 3 on Billboard charts.

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